A Guide to Online Dating Part Two


If you’ve never tried online dating before, go to our first guide to online dating to get your feet wet. Otherwise, read on.

I was initially against online dating, thinking it was too dangerous or just for people who are desperate. I soon realized it’s a great tool to meet people outside of your normal social circles and if you take precaution, you can avoid danger and pitfalls.

I gave it a try, and got hooked. My last two relationships were borne out of online dating. One is still going strong and the other ended because he was a lying ass cheater, but really that’s a character issue and has little to do with the site. Both men I wouldn’t have met otherwise and they ended up being good matches for me in terms of personality. I’ve met several other couples that have met online and go on to have healthy, lasting relationships.

The truth about online dating is you get what you put into it. If you go on occasionally or whenever you’re bored, chances are you won’t find a good match. But log on regularly, invest time in the matches with phone calls and dates, and you should weed out the losers and find a good suitor eventually.

Choosing the right site is a big part of it too, which brings me to the point of this post: a quick review of the top online sites out there so you can decide if they’re worth your subscription money and time, based on what you’re looking for.

1. Tinder
Tinder is like online shopping. You scroll through pictures and choose based off appearance alone. If you’re just looking for a hook up, a friend with benefits or a hit it and quit it situation, this is your go-to site.

Summary: Tinder is the seedy dive bar of online dating.

2. Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish (POF) offers a little bit of everything: matches, a Tinder-like feature and search options. It’s free so everyone and their Mama is on there. It’s another site that’s ideal for hookups – it even has a location search option if you’re looking for a fling while you’re traveling. You’ll never have a shortage of messages (women prepare to get harassed) but if you want something more serious, it takes too much weeding to find a partner who truly wants to settle down.

Summary: In the world of online dating, POF is the club.

3. Match
Aside from the occasional foreign doctor, is full of random guys looking for a cheap and quick hookup. People that actually find a match that goes beyond physical interaction are the exception, not the rule.

Summary: This is another bar of online dating, but the one that all the college frat boys frequent.

4. OK Cupid
Since it’s free, there are more people on OK Cupid than most sites, but it’s no guarantee they’re serious. It does take some searching (not as much as POF) but the chances you’ll find someone who wants to give a real relationship a shot is higher. I know several OK Cupid success stories (albeit no relationships that lasted) so this site is highly recommended.

Summary: It’s still a club, but we’ll say it’s the VIP section.

5. eHarmony
eHarmony touts itself as the most successful dating site when it comes to lasting marriages and it’s easy to see why. The site asks you to fill out a lengthy, involved survey about every aspect of your personality and then it matches you based on your answers. You may fall in love with every match they send but the problem is they send matches far too infrequently (and many of them haven’t been active in three weeks or more, meaning they’re no longer members) and the matches they do send are ugly. Just being honest here, folks. If you’re lucky enough to find a partner on here who looks decent, you will probably stay with them forever.

Summary: It’s the online equivalent of your Mom hooking you up with someone.

6. Christian Mingle
You may run into a Jesus freak or two but generally, it’s a good way to meet someone with similar values or beliefs if you are heavy into your faith. Most of the Christian Minglers want to settle down but they have very specific requirements about who should approach them. One black man wrote on his profile that he’s unfortunately not attracted to black women, a Hindu man had specifications down to the area you were born in and an African only wanted suitors from the same tribe. Alrighty then.

Summary: Duh. It’s like church.

7. Hinge
A new site, Hinge connects to Facebook to match you with mutual friends of your friends (but don’t worry: none of your Facebook friends can see that you’re on a dating site). You scroll through Facebook profile pics (similar to Tinder) and favorite who you like. If your favorite likes you too, you’ve got a match and only then can you start communication. Downside: the dating pool is considerably smaller and people rarely follow up with messages after they’ve been matched.

Summary: In the world of online dating, Hinge is a House Party.

Are our reviews off? Do you have any online dating success or horror stories to share?


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