Is Your Dick In Yet? Because I Can’t Feel Anything

The latest anonymous guest post is from a reader who loves sex, yet her partner’s shortcomings left her disappointed and disgusted. She poses the question: should she let him know he came up short or let him think “she couldn’t take the dick.” Read on and leave your answer in the comment section.

As we lay on his bed in piping hot weather, watching that humorous award show, I thought to myself, he is way too big for me, to fuck that is. A linebacker at 6″4 and easily 300 pounds, he would murder me. I’m no lil lady but, he’s a bigggggg dude.

Not just the weight and height, that dick game is sure to be on point. Kind of like a 3rd leg situation, busting me wide open from the inside.

We cuddling and talking bs about the award show, as the words flow I start to let go of my fears of his weight and get my “good girl gone bad” on, knowing I can handle that anaconda.

He starts kissing me on my ear, then my neck, then my mouth slowly and gently. His juicy lips start to work magic on my nipples and pretty piercings.

I’m screaming in my mind, anxiously waiting for that dick. I wanna ride it, merciless back shots and I definitely want to showcase my oral magic.

He continues to kiss me working his way down to my belly button, and jumps on an express train heading for downtown. He reduces speed, and slowly approaches my dripping wet lady love, and blesses me with his oral fixation. He wasn’t lying about his head game, not one bit.

I bellow to him, “I need to feel you inside me, I need you baby”. He knows what time it is and goes to fetch a condom and he’s back in a flash.

I close my eyes in preparation of what I know to be the biggest dick of my life, and take a deep breathe as he enters my body.

OMG!!! What the fuck!!! He’s in me and I don’t feel him. I’m confused. Wait wait wait…Is he penetrating something? ‘Cause shorty is breaking a sweat?

Whoa! You have got to be kidding me! I lay there dry as a dessert as he continues to penetrate this mysterious hole. I wonder, confusingly, how could this man be this huge and not packing? His dick was the size of my thumb, he didn’t even scrape my walls. This has to be some sort of disease or birth defect, maybe a disorder, or something!

I tell him to stop. My excuse: “Baby, my stomach hurts” any lie was acceptable, anything to get this beast off of me. I’m disgusted and annoyed, the furthest thing on my mind is explaining my concerns so I let him believe its me with the problem.

I get dressed with the mean attitude. “So you couldn’t handle that dick, could you” , he says boasting, glowing and all. I look at him and don’t even respond to the buffoonery.

I put my shoes on, chuck the deuces, and leave abruptly. That little dick made me so annoyed I couldn’t even talk. On the drive home, I thought maybe I should of told him that his dick game was petite. He’s in this world thinking that women “can’t handle that dick,” but I’m sure other women have similar reactions to him, and get “sick” in the middle of the sex.

I thought about the Sex and the City episode when Samantha, approached her man in couple’s therapy about his small penis size and how he reacted. He retaliated claiming it was her vagina size that was the problem. Apparently, he thought it was too big. The idea of me having a big vagina hole came and left just as easy as I was confidant in my Kegel’s exercises.

I went back and forth with all thoughts and I concluded at one thing, I am a big man’s job. Oh well. On to the next.

Have you ever encountered a man or a girl whose body surprised you…in a bad way (little dicks, loose vaginas)? How did you handle it? If you had disappointing sex with a small dick man or loose pussy girl who wasn’t good in bed, would you burst his/her bubble and be honest or just move on? Do you test drive (grab a man’s dick or see how many fingers you can fit in a girl’s vagina) before sex to avoid surprises?


14 responses to “Is Your Dick In Yet? Because I Can’t Feel Anything

  1. Girls getting mad because they are personally inable to tolerate smaller penisses.

    Yeah that shit’s not fucked up at all.

  2. what about 5 inches long by 4 1/2 around?

  3. Mahken Al-Kennza Ghainez

    1. “I’m no lil lady…; Author is confirmed whale. Possibly land variety. Unaware as of yet.
    2. Incessant references to sexual context (9/10). Sloot status confirmed. Species identified as: Physeter macrocephalus. Sperm Whale.
    3. Author assumes vagina with breadth of Grand Canyon and depth of Challenger Deep is certainly not the issue. Must be a mans fault. Possible Femi-Nazi? Surely.

    You’ll be single your whole life because Disney and your parents led you for your entire life to believe that you are a princess and deserve everything you want. Well here is reality sweetheart. You aren’t a princess. Life isn’t going to be grand for you. Most of the best men by your age are taken to women less shallow, ones that take better care of themselves, and surely ones with better things to do than sob on the internet about their lack of finding a smash buddy that can accommodate their crater of a vagina…..

    Signed every dude on the planet.

  4. i have a 4 1/2 inch dick and i noticed theres only a few girls that can be satisfied with a lil dick but its hard to tell wich ones , i been walked out on and girls have even got mad at me for not wanning them lol, so now i let them know before anything ,i think they apreciate that alot !! but with my girlfriend i use a number of ways to satisfy her such as bomb head game realistic huge dildos vibrators ect she dosent complain 🙂

  5. I tried to date man with a small penis but it never works out. Even if their downtown skills are straight they still can’t top it off with a grand finish for me. I always still feel unsatisfied.

  6. guys and gals.. always test drive first to make sure this person is worth the trouble because i would get frustrated sexually that is.

  7. I must say I so enjoyed her story and it left me thinking about this guy I dated. I was in a fuck relationship with someone over several years that was great in coversation, seduction, romance and freaky freak in general but…. had a skinny dick. Recently friends and I was talking about partners and wether size matters I say yes even though he was great in all other areas thats the only reason I allowed my self to stay with him.

  8. Height, shoe and hand size definitely is no indicator of penis size. One boyfriend was 6’4, 220, size 13 shoe and had a third grade penis. I definitely couldn’t believe it. That was too much work and sweating for nothing. I was definitely frustrated and mad. He had absolutely no head game, was cheap and it was all about him as if he was packing. He got his in about two minutes. There was no conversation either. This was soon seen as a total waste of time. . . selfish, toddler penis and boring. He couldn’t understand why I would no longer even go near a bed with him. It then became all about me and heading off frustration.

  9. Collegestudent

    I have dated a few guys that exact same size and all of them were lacking in that department… Don’t let it fool you lol

  10. I use to think size wasn’t something to kick a man to the curve for. But now I know from experience that because good sex is intrical to my overall happiness, I can not tolerate a small penis. Not if I plan on getting serious with the man. Excellent head game will only get us so far.

  11. lol. terrible for him and you. i thought most people would know by now that body type, height, shoe size, etc does not directly correlate to penis size and girth. smh

    i mean he probably knows already so there is probably no need to tell him.

  12. I think the man should run the finger test every time b4 entering a new vag. I always pull a smell test but that isnt the subject at hand. I can’t stop laughing at you couldn’t handle it. As a man you know if you are packing or not. Dude was probably saying you couldnt handle it because his body weighed down on you because he sees that lil cock daily and should have seen your reaction from his entry. Better luck next time to the author lol

  13. They should wear signs. “I am 3 inches long and skinny, hard.” That way we don’t have to go racking up our “number” with those “little fellas.” Lol
    Sorry about your experience, that would hurt my feelings too.

  14. i have had that problem for a while now. I will meet guys and then when it’s time to get busy im looking like where is it? or like you can’t feel anything! it’s frustrating and funny at the same time. but in the end i get mad cuz i was not satisfied…..

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