Why Do Men Think They Can Change Whores? [Or] A Woman Gives Head to Another Man While On the Phone with Her Boyfriend!

With all the drama surrounding Kat Stacks and the “loose” woman you’ll see in the video below, men and women have taken to the internet with renewed vigor to criticize whores, and the men they victimized. Understandable…but something about the criticism makes me scratch my head and wonder:”Shouldn’t those men have known better than to wife/deal with a loose woman?” When a woman is played by a no-good man, the universal reaction is that she should have known he was a dog. Does that responsibility evade men that get played? They, too, must have known that Kat Stacks was as loose-lipped as she was easy—and the woman below must have given her boyfriend a sign she was playing the field. My boy, who put me on to the disturbing video, shared my sentiment. Check out his post below—from a man’s point of view—about whores and the silly men who try to save them.

We’ve all heard “relationship horror stories” before. He fucked her and got her pregnant, she burned him, he cheated this many times, she lied that many times….it’s harsh out here.

For every trifling woman and no-good man, there’s a person who wants to change them. Some women believe they can change a man (good luck ladies) and are usually dubbed “foolish” for lack of better word.  We have men who believe they can do the same, but they aren’t spoken about as much as the women. But I’m calling them out today.

Thanks to the help of “Captain Save-a-Hoe” a loose woman gets the chance to redeem herself and prove to the world that she can be faithful and virtuous through the help of his blind faith and/or complete obliviousness.

The latest adventure of Captain Save-a-Hoe was displayed for the whole world to see.  I just so happened to receive a chain message with a link to a video (Click here to see it for yourself). Before I deleted it (I loathe chain messages with all my heart) I saw writing on the bottom by the sender stating that “chicks r so grimy, and they talk about us dudes” and my attention was caught immediately.

I checked the link and I was completely disgusted: a girl was giving head to a man while on the phone with her boyfriend!!! To make matters worse, she was lying about her current location saying that she was at the club.  The boyfriend found the whole situation fishy and asked why there was no music, that’s when the anonymous man receiving head turned the music up so that he would believe her lies…or maybe to entertain himself, who knows.

After more lying from her, she told him to call her back and she would answer.  After questioning everything she was saying and bypassing all the contradiction and flaws in her statements, he agrees to call her back.  At the end of this video, all I could think was “I feel so sorry for the boyfriend” but then something else came to mind…he most likely brought this onto himself. A woman of that type could have not flown under the radar without one clue being detected that she is not “wife-able”.

I came to the conclusion that this unlucky man is probably another Captain Save-a-Hoe, flying through the air with a golden cape catching the eye of a “desperate” whore calling for help.  With the idea that he can rescue her from the abyss, he wifes her up while tricking himself into believing she will change due to his goodness.

To be fair, there are exceptions. Some people do change but it’s a change which starts from within, not from outside intervention.

Have you ever tried to change a woman/man? If so, did it work or just leave you frustrated and hurt when your partner remained the same? Why do people engage in relationships with players/whores thinking they can change them? Have you ever seen a whore (male or female) that turned into a housewife/hubby? Do you people really can change?


5 responses to “Why Do Men Think They Can Change Whores? [Or] A Woman Gives Head to Another Man While On the Phone with Her Boyfriend!

  1. Maybe you’re a whore. Or a fag. Or a pussy.

  2. im a capt. save a hoe….. i dont know what is going through my mind. thanks for your insight.

    • she said her exs were sleaze bags and i believe her. there is the differance… im not a sleaze bag. i feel like it is possible for me to tame my stallion. plus, she thinks im the sweetest guy in the world. i know im setting myself up for failure, but i adore this girl (dont love). my friends are starting to hate me for it. im lost here.

    • Wow this is intersting, never knew that. Go Muslim men!

  3. I’ve never been in that situation where I knew the shorty was a whore b4hand but if I found out afterwards it left me frustrated and upset. I realized there was signs I prolly didn’t pay attention to or bypassed and I was responsible for things getting that far. If a whore cheats, she is just being herself, u need to forgive urself b4 u forgive her. I believe in forgiveness I can’t b mad at someone for life but I will never forget, therefore me and her r through. Maybe one day I will b able to b civil w/ that person. As for ppl who believe they can change someone, I think its too much of a risk, unless if u gonna cheat urself but then what’s the point of a relationship? ppl can change but u can’t do it for them, they gotta want to change themselves

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