Hard Dick and Bubble Gum (and I’m fresh out of bubble gum)

I was having a conversation with My friend Trey. He has been going through some things with the ladies that he’s dealing (sexing) with and wanted to get my opinion on his view of his relationships and what it entails. The conversation was too silly and crazy that I had to share with the Date City readers.  Ladies tell me what you think about this concept of his and guys do you have the same policy as Trey?

Trey: I want to be able to provide women with a peace of mind, a getaway.  Someone they can talk to. And after all of whining about how their man ain’t shit, I fuck the shit out of her. What she needs to understand is all I’m offering her is hard dick and bubble gum and I’m fresh out of bubble gum.

Me: Are you serious?! I’ve never heard some mess like this! please elaborate on this bubble gum that you’re fresh out of.

Trey:  I’m there to provide a sexual getaway and a release for the lady that I’m about to fuck. I put it all on the table, I tell her straight up what the deal is. I’m only here to provide hard dick and bubble gum and I’m fresh out of bubble gum.

Me: Please stop saying that! Trey, being the charming ladies man that you are why won’t you provide more? Can you not offer more? Why aren’t you open to a relationship?”

Trey: Its just knowing the fact that that’s all that is being offered. I tell her straight up that I can provide her with this big dick and its my duty to satisfy her, I love to eat the cat so I handle all of that. They keep on coming back for more and that’s when I have to remind them of all I have to offer.  I’m not open to a relationship because I was in a relationship with an ex for almost 5 years. It took me a long time to get over her, it was crazy being in love like that, not a good feeling when it ends.  Maybe I’m a little scarred and I know I’m getting older but I just want to have fun and not be tied down to a woman again.

Me: But what about the benefits of a relationship? Someone to take care
of you when you’re sick? Listen (and care) about your problems or your
day. Spend time with you and offer companionship. Cook for your hungry
ass! Don’t you ever desire these things? How do you cope without them? I don’t understand that you are super content strictly fucking PAST 30 when women that age are racing for a husband.

Trey:  I do want to get married some day and only certain people in my family pressure me. I desire for someone to cook and listen and all that good shit but I can get that now without going the full route.

Me:  This must cause drama. The thing is with most females, when sex is put in the equation emotions come to play and drama must ensue at this point. Has there ever been a time when a girl just couldn’t deal with the fact that you were fresh out of bubble gum?

Trey: Nope I haven’t faced any serious drama. Its just knowing the fact that it’s all thats being offered- straight up hard core sex. At most some have been really salty.

Me: OK to  be more specific, do they keep on coming back because they fall in love with u errr your dick?

Trey: Yes they come back because its so fuckin good.

Me: How good?

Trey: *You don’t remember?

Me: Moving right along.

Trey: you’re acting like I’m some bad guy. I also give advice and I’m there for a shoulder to cry on. After that’s out the way, I whip this big dick out and fuck the shit out of her. Then she can relax, lay up and get yourself a nut and go home. You will feel more comfortable in your own home. Sometimes they just won’t leave, please believe you do have a 48 hour gross period.

Me: damn you ain’t shit

Trey:  No no they can chill, but they can’t get carried away. You can spend the night, chill for the day, and maybe spend one more night but then you must go.
Me: How will you ever be in a relationship with this concept you have. How can a woman ever grow into being your girlfriend?
Trey: She can’t because thats not what I’m looking for in the first place. Also maybe i’m not at 100% right now to be in a relationship.
Me: Do you explain this before or after you whip your big dick out?
Trey: Look I’m all about hard dick and bubble gum and I’m fresh out of bubble gum. Bubble gum is going out on dates, public displays of affection, things used to build a relationship. I’ve had a girl hang around fora  year and she goes hard, but I refuse to commit.
1. Ladies have you been in a Hard Dick and Bubble gum type of situation? did you end up catching feelings? Men the same thing can apply to you, I guess it would be called Wet Pussy and Bubblegum, did you end up catching feelings?2. Do men relegate interactions with women to sex only for fear of getting hurt in a relationship, again?
3. Do you think Trey is right in his concept on how he deals with women? What do you think the underlying factor is with why he won’t commit to anyone?

4. He offers a “shoulder to cry on”…isn’t that bubblegum? Wouldn’t that
moment of sensitivity/companionship fall out of his own rules? If he’s only slinging dick why is he doing this?

5. Have you ever been with a guy that claimed hard dick but
did friendship/relationship-like things? Is there a way to truly be a
fuck buddy without being friends or caring an ounce about your
*Lets just say that there has been a previous post about him that has to do with Anacondas…


3 responses to “Hard Dick and Bubble Gum (and I’m fresh out of bubble gum)

  1. Omg! I just got a sitution and believe me it was hard bc the dick was off the chain good, but I was fooling myself when I thought I could do the hard dick and w/obubble gum sitition I’m not that chick. I would quit him and be right there ringing his phone trying to get some of the good dick. I was catching feelings especially after dealing with him for almost two years, and the part that really made me leave him along is all along I was getting the hard dick and w/o bubble gum treatment he re-started a relationship w/his baby mama fucked up right he wanted a relationship just not with me. So when its all said and done no more fuck buddies for me cuz I can’t handle it.

  2. i’ve been in trey’s situation before. no matter how much he may explain he’s fresh out of bubblegum a woman is going to want to seek more from him. a lot of women equate sex with love/emotions so they are going to fall regardless.

  3. hmm, I can definitely see the benefits of just offering up “dick and bubble gum.” Relationships require time and energy that some folks just don’t have at the moment. And we all know eventually, someone will want more than just the physical benefits.

    However, Trey offers up a shoulder to cry on and that’s going into the “bubble gum” realm.

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