A Guide to Online Dating Part Two


If you’ve never tried online dating before, go to our first guide to online dating to get your feet wet. Otherwise, read on.

I was initially against online dating, thinking it was too dangerous or just for people who are desperate. I soon realized it’s a great tool to meet people outside of your normal social circles and if you take precaution, you can avoid danger and pitfalls.

I gave it a try, and got hooked. My last two relationships were borne out of online dating. One is still going strong and the other ended because he was a lying ass cheater, but really that’s a character issue and has little to do with the site. Both men I wouldn’t have met otherwise and they ended up being good matches for me in terms of personality. I’ve met several other couples that have met online and go on to have healthy, lasting relationships.

The truth about online dating is you get what you put into it. If you go on occasionally or whenever you’re bored, chances are you won’t find a good match. But log on regularly, invest time in the matches with phone calls and dates, and you should weed out the losers and find a good suitor eventually.

Choosing the right site is a big part of it too, which brings me to the point of this post: a quick review of the top online sites out there so you can decide if they’re worth your subscription money and time, based on what you’re looking for.

1. Tinder
Tinder is like online shopping. You scroll through pictures and choose based off appearance alone. If you’re just looking for a hook up, a friend with benefits or a hit it and quit it situation, this is your go-to site.

Summary: Tinder is the seedy dive bar of online dating.

2. Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish (POF) offers a little bit of everything: matches, a Tinder-like feature and search options. It’s free so everyone and their Mama is on there. It’s another site that’s ideal for hookups – it even has a location search option if you’re looking for a fling while you’re traveling. You’ll never have a shortage of messages (women prepare to get harassed) but if you want something more serious, it takes too much weeding to find a partner who truly wants to settle down.

Summary: In the world of online dating, POF is the club.

3. Match
Aside from the occasional foreign doctor, is full of random guys looking for a cheap and quick hookup. People that actually find a match that goes beyond physical interaction are the exception, not the rule.

Summary: This is another bar of online dating, but the one that all the college frat boys frequent.

4. OK Cupid
Since it’s free, there are more people on OK Cupid than most sites, but it’s no guarantee they’re serious. It does take some searching (not as much as POF) but the chances you’ll find someone who wants to give a real relationship a shot is higher. I know several OK Cupid success stories (albeit no relationships that lasted) so this site is highly recommended.

Summary: It’s still a club, but we’ll say it’s the VIP section.

5. eHarmony
eHarmony touts itself as the most successful dating site when it comes to lasting marriages and it’s easy to see why. The site asks you to fill out a lengthy, involved survey about every aspect of your personality and then it matches you based on your answers. You may fall in love with every match they send but the problem is they send matches far too infrequently (and many of them haven’t been active in three weeks or more, meaning they’re no longer members) and the matches they do send are ugly. Just being honest here, folks. If you’re lucky enough to find a partner on here who looks decent, you will probably stay with them forever.

Summary: It’s the online equivalent of your Mom hooking you up with someone.

6. Christian Mingle
You may run into a Jesus freak or two but generally, it’s a good way to meet someone with similar values or beliefs if you are heavy into your faith. Most of the Christian Minglers want to settle down but they have very specific requirements about who should approach them. One black man wrote on his profile that he’s unfortunately not attracted to black women, a Hindu man had specifications down to the area you were born in and an African only wanted suitors from the same tribe. Alrighty then.

Summary: Duh. It’s like church.

7. Hinge
A new site, Hinge connects to Facebook to match you with mutual friends of your friends (but don’t worry: none of your Facebook friends can see that you’re on a dating site). You scroll through Facebook profile pics (similar to Tinder) and favorite who you like. If your favorite likes you too, you’ve got a match and only then can you start communication. Downside: the dating pool is considerably smaller and people rarely follow up with messages after they’ve been matched.

Summary: In the world of online dating, Hinge is a House Party.

Are our reviews off? Do you have any online dating success or horror stories to share?


He Wanted To Pee On Me


My mouth was on the floor with the rest of the world when I heard R. Kelly peed on an underage girl. Not just because she was a prepubescent child which is disgusting enough as it is but who pees on another human being and finds that sexy?

Before Kels allegedly let it rip on that poor girl, I had no clue people get turned on by urinating during sex. I’m pretty open to fantasies no matter how weird but I wrote golden showers off as just plain nasty, reserved for sexually deviant celebrities and porn stars.

Then, I ended up falling for someone who wanted to pee on me. He wasn’t some R&B singer either. He was a grade school teacher who was active in the community and coached little league football on the weekends. Never the kind of man you’d expect to harbor a secret desire to pee on women.

Especially not me. We had a great deal of respect and love for each other (or so I thought) even though we were never officially in a relationship. Because I was just getting over a heart-wrenching break up, a couple of dates only evolved to steady sex sessions for me and, let’s call him, The Urinator.

By the way, sex with The Urinator was out of this world.

Night after night, we had our fill of hot, sticky sex with me bent over dripping wet for him and him pounding me with his thick, throbbing dick until my pussy was in a coma. He was nasty, slapping me in the face with his dick and rubbing his face in my pussy licking like it was his last meal.

Maybe that should’ve been a sign because soon The Urinator wanted to take our physical encounters to a different level.

As soon as we started talking about fantasies, he was quick to throw in his desire to piss on me. He said it was his sexual dream come true.

I asked, almost scared to know the answer, “How is that supposed to work?”

He said he’d imagined me lying on the floor of the tub rubbing my clit as he peed over my breasts, shooting his urine out like a shower head. And the sight of him pissing on me was supposed to get me so excited that I had an orgasm.

Oh, really?

I promise the stench of urine spraying down over my body could never bring me to a climax.

In reality, there isn’t enough soap in the world to make me feel clean after a golden shower.

And wouldn’t that turn him off or would he really be able to clean me off and have sex after that? 

I kept sleeping with him (what? it was good) but I never looked at him the same way.

Am I overreacting? Would you let someone pee on you?

The Super: Reunited and it taste so good

It was a dark rainy day and I haven’t seen the Super in so long. I’ve come to accept that he’s married and although he’s in love with me I can’t continue this affair. As soon as I moved out of his building I made a vow to end it.
I was coming into town the following week and I figured I would call him to say hi, and catch up. So I called from my friends phone and he answered, I sounded so shocked on the phone and he sounded awkward, I figured he was near his wife. After the awkward conversation I hung up.

First thing on Monday morning he called me and yells, “Senorita! I miss you so much, when can I see you? Where are you??!” I was shocked by how excited he was and the zeal in his voice, I thought he was going to rip me a new one for calling and to tell me to kick rocks, boy was I wrong. His anxiousness and tone turned me on and made me feel loved and missed. We made plans to see each other on Friday. As  each day passed I was over filled with anticipation and questions of what would happen. Friday finally arrives and he called top of the morning.  We plan to meet in the city. My heart was racing the entire time. Once I got to the meeting point my heart was beating and it officially dawned on me that I haven’t seen my Colombian lover in an entire year. I see him pulling up towards me and my heart went pitter patter. We both were smiling ear to ear. He goes, “Baby I missed you so much…I want to take you out, are you hungry?” I was craving him but i figured we could do lunch first. I told him we could grab a bite  from Cafe Shane since it was nearby. Once seated, we immediately discuss current events and whats new in our lives completely avoiding the big elephant in the room.  After awhile he just brings it up and says his marriage has went further down hill, they are frequently fighting and she’s going though menopause so they haven’t been intimate as often. I ask him why don’t you leave, he insist that he plans to but needs his citizenship. At that point it all made sense, why he’s with her, why she’s much older, and why there’s no children between the two.

Now that I was sitting in front of him and took him all in, I couldn’t believe how hot he was. His tan was the perfect butter scotch, his bald head made him look like a Hollywood actor, his smile was beautiful and I instantly got wet while eating my sandwich. So I asked him, so what are your plans after this. He goes, I don’t know….I was thinking hotel..I smiled as we were on the same page.

We immediately finished our meal and left. We decided to go to a hotel nearby. He pulls out a wad of cash and pays the front desk. I’m even more turned on, something about a wad of cash does it for anyone I think. We literally run up the stairs to the room like teenagers. We immediately take off our clothes and jump on the bed and kiss every visible part. I fully take in his stomach, chest, and thick cock. I’m salivating, we literally are fighting to satisfy ones craving first. He dives head first between my legs and I start screaming at the top of my lungs. He comes up and starts biting my nipples. While my breast are still in his mouth he says, I love your breast. I immediately need to feel him in me. I mound him and start riding him aggressively. His eyes roll to the back of his head and I knew he just had the most intense nut of his life. I was so pleased that my Papi was satisfied. He looks up at me and says I’m sorry I came quick but I’ve been anticipating this all week and couldn’t believe it’s been an entire year. I swoon and literally fall beside him. He gets on top and starts licking my clit and fingers me at the same time. I can tell He’s ready to fuck me- it’s in his eyes. he turns me sideways, then raises my leg in the air and starts pumping out of control. He says something to me in Spanish, of course this just drives me Cray. He turns me over to hit it doggy style and holds my back down and slowly glides in. I look back at him, I can’t believe this beautiful Colombian man is in me. I start screaming out, yes Papi harder! This drives him crazy and is pumping non stop, then he turns me over and sucks my breast and goes deep. I close my eyes and think this must be a dream. As soon as he’s finished he falls next to me and takes a huge sigh. I smile at him and he gives me a kiss. He tells me I’m his vacation, this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Were each others fantasy. We lay satiated and relax as we listen to the rain pour.

As we get up and leave the hotel we are very solemn and saddened but know that its for the best. As we part ways we hug and kiss in the middle of the street. At this point we don’t care who sees. I hop on the train and just imagine where he will be and who he will be with next year around this time.




It was game night at the boos house and we opted for Scrabble. He goes what are we betting on? I say if I win you have to run around the house naked but if you win, I have to run around the house naked, he thinks about it for awhile then says, “bet”.

Game starts and I’m winning and I’m so excited, I start to anticipate him running through the living room in his cocoa colored skin with his dick just bouncing and jumping everywhere. He has the perfect size manhood. Thick, brown, and a sizeable length. I enjoy engulfing him with my mouth and being pierced in the insides by it.

After a few rounds, I start to lose and my competitive angst gets the best of me. He wins. I’m very annoyed and eyeroll but remain mature and slowly start to undress. He smiles and sits back on the bed. I gaze at him as I slide the straps off my shoulders and begin to unclasp my pink pushup bra. I drop it on the floor. Then I slide out of my dress and I’m butt naked. I prance around from the left side of the room to the right. I can’t lie, I was a bit nervous, him seeing my every nook and cranny and being in full display was not enjoyable on my part. As I looked into his eyes he stops smiling and in a serious tone says, “come over here”. I slowly walked over mesmerized by his chilling yet tantric demeanor. He says again more forceful, “come here” I mound him and we begin kissing like it was our last kiss. He bit my bottom lip and I swallowed his top lip, he grabbed my face and took full advantage of my lips and tongue. This was the best kiss I’ve ever experienced.. It was so intimate, animalistic, and sexual. I slid off his red basketball shorts and became instantly aroused by how big and hard his dick became. I immediately went down and started kissing and licking the mushroom shaped head and bounced back up to his lips. He started playing with my clit with his fingers and I began to get shivers down my spine. He pushed me back and turned me onto my stomach yanked up my legs to get the perfect arch and he entered from behind, I was wincing from the pain but was flowing from the pleasure. He took his thumb and pressed it against my anus and started pumping harder, I was in a trance. He forcefully turned me sideways and entered me in a scissor position. I was enjoying every moment of this. While he was stilll in me, he pulls my body up and were sitting facing eachother, this was the closest I’ve ever been to someone. I wrapped my legs around his waist enjoying this moment. He then jumps up and stands with me in the air and him fully supporting me and were in the middle of the living room. I’m caught off guard by this and incredibly shocked that his slim frame can even hold me while standing up. He must’ve had something to prove and let me know who was handling business- he begins pumping and fucking me like he has Jamaican roots, I close my eyes and feel myself falling backwards as if I was floating. He fucked my brains (Joseline voice) after we both got out of breath he places me back on the bed while still in me and starts grinding slowly, I’m out of breath and my heart is beating fast. Then my vaginal muscles start to throb and I feel myself getting an intense orgasm. I grip and bite his shoulders to stop from screaming, I dig my acrylic manicure into his back and start shaking. The most intense and longest orgasm I’ve ever experienced.
He turns me back over and literally places me how he wants me positioned meanwhile my body is limp and almost lifeless. He pumps and pumps until he cums. He kisses me on my neck and shoulders. I smile to myself as I smell his nauseating scent on my arms and his sticky juices on my body. I get an instant high.
Who knew scrabble could be so fun?


1. Have you ever had fucked while standing up?
2. Do you believe competition creates a sexual energy between two?
3. Do you think me and him will last?

Biggest Dick in BLDC History



It’s said big things come in small packages; I was in for a HUGE surprise. I met a guy on facebook, but we attended the same college. He told me he had spotted me strolling through campus, but he had been to shy to approach me. Despite his good looks, I was apprehensive… Unfortunately, he falls below my height requirement- he’s only 5’7 and fairlys scrawny overall.

I figured I had no plans on Friday and a free meal won’t hurt me so I made his day and agreed on a date. When I walk into the bar I notice he’s a lot smaller than I had anticipated. I figure it’s not a big deal…  it will just be few drinks. 6 cocktails and a few puffs of hookah later, we are kissing all over the Lower East Side. As he kisses me he insists he must sit down at once. I ask, “What’s wrong?” viewing the urgency on his face. He replies, “I’m so hard and my penis is going crazy in my jeans.” Seriously? I am instantly turned off by his bold response. Despite my initial disgust, I sit with him and we relax to the music playing. Later, he makes sure I am home safe and sound. My dreams are consumed of sweet thoughts of my “little man.” The next day we’re already sexting steamy pictures back and forth. I send him a picture of my best asset – my ass – in a thong. Next, I receive one of him in boxers. My excitement turns to disappointment;  he is really thin and the picture is not as revealing as I had hoped. I’m a curious girl – I want to know how he measures up. He must sense my chagrin because the next picture sent me into a pure frenzy. Screaming, I immediately forward the photo to my best friend. She replies “UNREAL.”  As my phone buzzed 3 more times revealing 3 more pictures, a blanket of fear envelope my mind… It was REAL. My girlfriends all call me; the big dick topic is all they can talk about. I am bombarded with their chants, “Girl you have to try it!” and “Take one for the team!” I can’t lie; I am a bit curious but would it, could it fit?!

After the input from my girls, I decide I have to fuck this little – or not little – man.

The basketball finals were playing and he insisted that I come over as he didn’t want to miss the game. I head over to his place and watched the game. As he’s walking around and cheering his team I can’t help but think there’s no way that specimen is between his scrawny legs. The game ends and he directs all his attention to me. We immediately start making out, and I figured nows the time to inspect the package, as I move my hands to his crotch he pushes it away. I didn’t think much of this and decided to mount him, thats when I realize it was real. I immediately got off, he laughed as he must’ve known exactly what went through my head. He then unzipped his jeans revealing boxer briefs with ice cream cones. I couldn’t help but laugh at his fashion sense but again dreaded what was in the boxers. The imprint was like no other, it looked like an elephant trunk. When he sat down, I realized he sits on his dick, No really. It like folds and he sits on it. 

He looks at me with the most passionate stare, and I knew it was now or never. I slide off my lace thong and I get on top to ride him …. but it wasn’t fitting. I’m no virgin so I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t fit. So we try for it again. Does not fit. After the third time, he throws me on the bed and enters me slowly inch by inch, I am gasping for air as I can’t believe this anaconda is preparing for entrance. After the pain, pleasure began to arise in my clit and I felt myself preparing for orgasm. He was so amazing, He didn’t simply have a big dick – he knew how to work it. After hours of passionate sex I couldn’t take anymore. I was pleased like I’ve never been. I didn’t need to have sex anymore after this. No man could ever compare to this dick and I was satiated. The next day I woke up with the most insane cramp that would give a menstrual cramp a run for its money. I figured he moved a few organs but you know what, I would do it again. And I did……….



1. Would you have sex with an enormous / abnormal size genitalia?

2. Whats the biggest you’ve encountered?

3. Are you interested in part 2? 

Latin Fever

Its been 1 and a half  months since I’ve seen The Super. We had a falling out because he was feeling guilty about having his feelings of love and lust for me all the while being married with kids at home. I was hurt to find out about his marriage but at the same time I couldn’t help how I felt about him and as far as I’m concerned he was not satisfied with her and all she ever did was bitch and moan to him. Men don’t need to hear that on a daily basis regardless if it was warranted or not.

 We both decided to just fall back and avoided one another. Whenever a problem occurred in the apartment I did not call him as pride stood in my way and I didn’t want bad karma for messing with a married man.
Then we finally saw eachother. I was home alone cooking. I hear a knock on the door and lo and behold it was him. I took a deep breath and opened the door. Our eyes locked, I was shocked to see him especially this late in the evening. I asked him what made him come tonight and he said he had to fix the door. I told him my dresser was broken as well. We both go downstairs to my bedroom and he gets to work. To break up the anxiety and sexual tension we engage in small talk. Then he admits to missing me and always thinking about me. I still had feelings of resentment that he dropped me so I was not falling for it. He goes in for a kiss and I turned the other cheek. He proceeded to touch my hair, kiss my collarbone and I closed my eyes as I felt like it was a dream. He slid his hands over my hips and pulled me in close, I felt his hardness and warmth against my spot. He puts his hands under my dress and plays with my clit through my panties. I tell him we can’t do this. He says let’s go to a hotel. Pause. What! When? Why? Then says sometime this week. I was annoyed as I have my own place but then I thought about the ultimate privacy we need in engaging in this affair and after all this will surely be the last time to get it out of our systems for once and all.
He comes later in the week and picks me up from down the block. I hop in looking and smelling like a sex goddess. He immediately thinks the same. He Says, “mami you’re so beautiful”. I get more and more anxious and excited as we get near.  We arrive to the hotel and he decides to take a quick shower.  I quickly put on my plunging neckline black lace negligee and sky high heels. I Reapply my lipstick and shake my hair. I’m incredibly nervous at this point. I take a deep breath as the door opens and he walks out. His mouth drops in excitement and joy when he sees me and I bite my lip looking at his muscular wet body and bald head.
I push him on the bed and start to dance seductive to my sex mix. His eyes are begging to touch me and his dick is straight in the air waiting for me to fall on it spreadeagle. After I bounce my booty and whip my hair I finally get on top of him. I take my heels off and ride him while listening to Ciara Ride. His dick feels like everything but I have to taste it in my mouth. I give him the nastiest head he’s ever gotten judging by his face and reaction. My pussy misses his lips and I sit right on his face. He fully engulfs my pussy and I whine all the way back so my hair graces his dick. I bounce from his face to his dick and fuck him so he only fantasizes about me that night. He grabs me and hits it with the side stroke. He has the best side stroke ever. “Aye papi don’t stop!” I tell him. He goes harder and faster. We both start going hard as we fill the orgasm creeping up in my head I’m thinking how I never want this to end. Then  he starts moaning and I start screaming, We cum and collapse on the bed. I lay sweet quick kisses all over his face, neck, chest. I want to be nauseated by his taste so that I won’t need any more. I look into his eyes lovingly and say, papi this is the last time. He says no I don’t believe you, this isn’t our last time. I rub my hands up and down his chest then climb on top of him again.

SUPER : Spanish Passion

I had to have him if it was the last thing I did.

I broke the toilet bowl handle just so I would have an adequate reason to call him to service me.

I got home from work early and knew that my roommate wouldn’t be home, had to take full advantage of this opportunity. I called him to report on the “broken” toilet, he said he was on his way.

He knocks lightly on the door, I dont bother looking through the peephole as I know who it is. I tell him the bathroom in the basement is out of order and he heads down there, I go down with him. He goes to the toilet starts messing with it and flushes the toilet. It works perfectly, I completely play dumb. “That’s so crazy it was broken earlier.” He asks me, how was your day. I say it was pretty good. I ask him whats his sign, he says Taurus, you? I say Cancer and he smiles.

We head back upstairs and we start to make small talk. I ask him, so is this what you do, flirt with women in the buildings you maintain and kiss them? He says no, you know I’m only crazy about you cutie. I smile, couldn’t help but cheese even though it was an eyeroll moment. I nervously start walking around the apartment, opening and closing cabinets, press buttons on the laptop  keyboard. I know what I want to happen but can’t believe that it actually may  occur. This sexy man that has been coming to my building every other day, building shelves, handling the trash, laying down the cement is in my apartment gazing at me with the most intense I want to fuck the shit out of you eyes. I walk towards him but stand in front of the counter. He walks overs and kisses me, and not like the first time where it was our lips slightly touching, this was full on lip lock: Frenching, tongue biting, booty caressing. Spanish passion type of kissing. He pulls down my black tube top dress, and takes down my bra straps. He kisses my breast and sucks my nipples exactly like I fantasied from the last time. I say we can’t do this, and he gives me the most intense stare and he smiles. He grabs my hand, and walks down the steps to my bedroom.

 He knows exactly where it is. We kiss again but this time he’s more aggressive. I play the submissive role and lets him kiss me angrily and passionate. He pushes me on my bed, I’m not wearing underwear. He lifts my dress up and I pull it down and say, wait this is too much, I can’t. He doesn’t hear me he goes head first in between my legs. He fucks my pussy with his tongue, I go insane. I’ve heard that Spanish men can eat a mean pussy but oh my godddddddddddddd. In between the licking, sucking and slurping he comes up for air and ask me for a condom. I lie and say I don’t have any as I know it can’t get any further than this. He takes off his worker man shirt, drops his denim shorts, and exposes his jet black Armani boxers with a huge bulge. He pulls down his shorts. Oh My Fuck. He pulls out this Fat dick, its a unique Reddish Caramel color, and long. At this point I run and get a condom. He gets on top of me and simultaneously sucks my titty and kisses me on my mouth, I taste good. He puts on the condom and spreads my legs. I inhale deeply anticipating his entrance. I bite his back and Can’t believe how good he smells considering that he works in construction.

He immediately gets to work, my eyes roll to the back of my head, I start wincing, he’s in so deep. I scream Aye! And it drives him wild, he fucks me from the front, then lays me on my side, it was just so fluid. He starts hitting it from the back and he asks you love the way it feels, I scream yes. He responds that you’re so amazing, we are both panting like animals, our bodies are damp, I touch his bald head he sucks my neck, and I do the same to his neck. I knew not to give him a hickey. He lifts me up and I get on top of him. I start riding him, he’s palming my ass and the energy between us rises. The bed starts rocking and I feel my walls caving in. My eyes start to water, I feel myself orgasming, He squeezes me and holds me tight, I start screaming, he grunts and we both orgasm at the same time.

 We both collapse and inhale deeply. I feel him staring at me. I say with disdain in my voice, I can’t believe this just happened. He said I know…. this is our little secret in his Spanish tinged accent. Don’t tell anyone, including your roommate. I look over at him and respond, of course not! I imagine my roommate walking in and catching me in bed with the Super. I immediately shake away that thought. He tells me, you drive me wild, I’m going to think about you all weekend. He kisses me. Even though I know its wrong I agree and  say I’m going to think about you all weekend. I kiss him. He asks me, will you call me on Monday? He kisses me. I say, yeah but now I have to look for something to break. He says no you don’t. And kisses me again. He begins putting his clothes on and I sit on the bed, hair wild, and makeup sweated off. He says, I wish I could lay with you… I agree with him again but I knew he had more fixing to do and now would be the time to leave. We walk upstairs to the door, and he asks,  will we do this again, I say no we can’t, and I kiss him. He looks down at me,  grabs my face, and growls, he’s so sexy.

I can’t believe I fucked the Super, no one can find out this is just our secret.

The Super Pt 3

Something broke.

 I immediately called Alejandro, he said give him 30 minutes and he would be there. I gave myself time to freshen up, throw on a dress, look haphazardly cute & sexy since I was in the house. I heard the knock on the door and I immediately ran to open it. He comes in and ask me what’s broke. I tell him there was a leak in the bathroom we both go downstairs and he starts going to work. I make small talk with Alejandro as I don’t know what to speak about to someone who fixes buildings for a year. He actually breaks the ice. He asks me “so tell me why you don’t have a boyfriend, you’re so cute”. I blush and lean against the door ledge, I’m focusing on my career. He goes I understand. Then I ask him, are you happy with your situation? He says, “no we always argue, we were originally friends but now I dread going home and rather work around the clock”.
I tell him usually friendship before relationship is perfect but sounds like a recipe for disaster for you. He agrees. He’s just about finished fixing the leak, I ask him if he could move this heavy box for me before he leaves. He replies, “sure baby anything for you”. He picks up my box and then it opens from the bottom and everything falls out. I’m mortified as its my bedside table items. Condoms, cards, ky, vaginal meds come falling everywhere. I freak out and start yelling at him. He tells me to relax its not like there were toys, this is all normal. He begins picking up each piece and I’m red of embarrassment. I tell him that for the record I don’t use toys and not into that stuff. He says so what do you do? I say I think about sports and take a cold shower. He finds humour in this. We head up the stairs, damn he’s so sexy, I want him but don’t want the drama that may stem from it. I open the door for him to leave, I tell him I will see him soon. He winks at me and I close the door. I walk to the kitchen and take a breather. I don’t know what goes through me but I run back to the door to see if he’s still there. He is.
There I am standing at my door, he’s staring at me. He walks up to me and gets so close our noses touch. I immediately feel a bulge in his pants as we are crotch to crotch. I tell him I’m not going to kiss him. I really said it to myself. He smiles and steps back. I want him but won’t allow myself to entertain this. He walks up to me again we hold our lips close together but no movement, he lightly and gingerly licks my bottom lip. I immediately feel myself getting insanely wet. We hear a noise and walk away from eachother. Can’t afford to have any neighbors catch us in this act as we are literally at my front door. I tell him, see him Friday he nods and closes the door.

Fuck. I’m going to fuck the super.

The Super pt 2

I couldn’t stop thinking about him and our last interaction with one another. I couldn’t imagine telling my roommates what was going on, even when they were gushing about how cute he was as it was too sticky of a situation to put out there. Fortunately he doesn’t live in my building so I didn’t have to worry about anyone finding out.

 I was getting ready for work and Alejandro was outside the building doing his usual duties, I walk up to him and tell him that the flooding has stopped and thanks so much for working so well on it. He flashed me an extra sexy smile and said, “Anytime baby” I turned red from him calling me out of my name, but loved his choice of words. I wanted to flirt so I tell him, now that everything appears to be fixed, I guess I won’t see you again. He says, “yeah you can, just break something” My heart stopped. I see we were on the same page. I get closer to him, you want me to break something?” he says yeah….break something. I smile and sashay away as I had to make it to my event.

The next day I’m on my way to work and I run into Alejandro at the park, He sees me first. He looked so good first thing in the morning. I walk up to him we both flirtatiously smile at each other. He asks me, if I broke anything. I respond no, however our intercom system seems to not be working. (it actually wasn’t!) He wants to know where I’m heading to, I tell him work and we have friendly yet nervously awkward banter. Even though we are in the middle of the park and everyone is on their am work commute, the tension between us is heavy.

 I tell him I hope to see him soon, he replies you will and as I head on my way, he grabs me and kisses me, in that awkward cheek / lip kiss. I’m completely caught off guard and scurry away. This can’t be happening, I’m going to fuck the Super.


The Super

I just moved into a fabulous building with a rooftop view of the city. Everything was going well until it rained a treacherous storm that Friday night. The next morning there was flooding, this was absolutely disastrous as I had just placed my favorite pumps on the floor the night before. I angrily called my landlord to complain who immediately contacted the super. The weekend came and went and the water subsided. The landlord told me Alejandro would be coming that afternoon to check everything out. Just as I hopped out the shower I heard knocking on the door. I wrapped my towel around me and looked through the peephole. Its him I think in my head. I open the door, I greeted him, completely being oblivious to the fact that I had nothing on under my towel.
He says I’m here to inspect the flooding downstairs. I’m a tad annoyed as I was getting ready to go out but I let him in. He says, “you smell good”. I couldn’t help but crack a smile as I had just used my bottle of coconut vanilla showergel. I tell him thanks. He heads downstairs and I follow him with wet footsteps trailing from my shower. He walks around the basement while I wait at the top of the steps. He comes back towards the staircase to explain the causes of the flooding. “There’s a chimney nextdoor and a lot of the water went and that’s how your apartment ended up fl
ooding.” I shoot him a confused glare and tell him that the water came from the ground up. He goes “well I’m going to cement the exterior of the house just to be extra cautious- I’m sorry you look amazing”. He stops mid sentence, I was completely caught off guard, I immediately became even more wet- but not from the shower. I nervously giggle, he’s fine to say the least. I notice his construction outfit- tims, denim shorts, and a perfect stained white t-shirt. His lips are so pink, and his after 5 shave is an ultra sexy masculine feature on his chiseled face. He looks like an actor from a box office Hollywood action film. Just as I was about to say something my fire alarm goes off, I completely forgot that I was grilling fish on the stove. I run upstairs thankful for the makeshift fire so I could relieve myself.
I immediately start thinking to myself girl relax, calm down, it hasn’t been that long since you’ve had sex!” I turn around and he was behind me. He says, ok well I should go now. I will be here tomorrow. I hold my towel up even tighter just for good measure as I secretly wanted it to fall on the ground so he could kiss my wet breasts, suck my nipples, and lick a trail down to my belly button. I could imagine him fingering me until I couldn’t take anymore and bend me over the kitchen counter to give me what I’ve been so hungry for so long.

But instead I say, ok well thanks alot. I walk him out, smile, and quickly close the door. I immediately scan the apartment for things to break to have him come again.